Music Remote™ (Remotely control the iPod player in your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) App Reviews

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Could have been worse

Only lost 4 bucks on it, be great if i wanted to control my iphone instead of ipod, fllowed all the steps and then mucked around to see if iwas missing something. Two things im missing 1- 4 bucks and 2- remote control for ipod.

Works great

Somethings to note: -You place it on the device you want to control, not the device you want to use as the remote control - both units need connected to the same wireless network, unless you want to set up port forwarding in your router and Access via Www. - you use your internet browser to access the remote control. There is no software you need to load on the controlling device. -READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. I know! Wow how old school.

Waste of money

I have a docking station for my iPod that plays my music throughout my apartment. I was looking for something that would allow me to scroll through songs, adjust the volume etc. but all this app does is control the music I have on my phone. Which defeats the whole purpose. Anyways, it keeps saying that I am not connected to the Internet, when clearly I'm connected my secure wifi network. Maybe it may work for someone else, but unfortunately it did not work for me.

It works!!!!! Read the directions

The app works. I can now control my iPod that is inside playing music to my outside stereo system. Great with kids and a not so good song or heck a song u no longer like. Does lock up my wifi sometimes not sure why. I have to reset my wifi connection to my phone. Hope they fix soon. Thanks finally!!



Great because it's the only app that does this

It works, but will be better when you can go straight to your playlists. Also it would be nice if the browser based controls refreshed what is currently playing without having to reload page.


Love this app!!! So convenient and easy to use!

Works great with iPad

If anyone can't figure out how to use this app, they can't read. This app works great! Now I control my iPad music from any web browser. Bravo!

Music Remote

This is a waste of money, it doesnt work. costomer service does not exist. total waste! dont bother. multiple attempts to maker with no response.

Nice idea. Needs work. Too much $.

I had high hopes after the last three reviews. The remote you use is on the Internet. I have the app on both my iPad and iPhone. I wanted to control my music from my phone but this app is just not that impressive. The volume did not work.

It's alive!!!!!!!!

Amazing, works fine. Other who gave low rated, please read the instructions and how to go through step- by- step!



I works very well!! I don't know what people are talking about!!

I don't know what the other reviews were talking about!! This app is exactly what I needed!! I stayed away from this app because of the awful reviews it received. Finally I just went for it. And it was exactly what I was looking for!! It took no more than 3mins to set up. And was controlling my old iPod touch I was about to give away because it was sitting in my sock drawer. Now, it's my new ambient music player in my office. Yes, some improvements wouldn't hurt!! But it's not at all as bad as the other reviews say it is. I look forward to updates. Thank you!! :-)


Ripoff Ripoff Ripoff Ripoff It says the app works on iPads, which it does not I want my money back

Don't waste your time on this one.

App crashes constantly. really poor interface with limited function if it did function. I don't know what I miss more my money or the hour I spent trying to make it work? I will never download another Ndili Technologies app unless it has been tested by someone I know first.

Keep working on it!! I have hope!

I bought this app because I had to send off my mac for repairs. I could not configure Apple Remote (which I love dearly!) to work from my iPhone to my iTouch. I thought this app would be the answer. The player works, but the Web interface for iPhone Safari needs a lot of work. It would be a better app if the developer could make it work like the Apple Remote (from App to App via wifi) with no browser needed. Apple's Remote (which is awesome and free!) doesn't work from iPhone to iTouch. Looking forward to much-needed updates and improvements!! I get the below error message every time I use the browser-based controller: "Cannot Play Movie The server is not correctly configured."

Does not work

App simply does not work on the iPad.


It's a waste of money, is more expensive than more of the apps and doesn't even work, if you don't beleive fell free to try it, but is the true, you enter the ip adress in the browser and never end charging son you can never use it

Waste of money!

Is this a joke? I feel like I've been robbed of 4$. Apple should be ashamed as should the developers. Pathetic.

You should be ashamed...

Ashamed to call yourself a developer; embarrassed to charge so much...Apple, did you test before approval? People, this app hasn't got a universal binary so it looks crappy on an iPad. Worse, wait until you see it on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Sheer garbage! But at least it works half the time, when it's not crashing. I hope you made your short term gain because your products will fail if this is your level of quality assurance. Cheers!

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